Tea Pot & Cups Set (Shinogi White)

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This beautiful tea set by Fujimaki Seitou, a manufacturer based in Arita, Saga Prefecture, blends in seamlessly with our day-to-day life. With its elongated outlook, the simplicity of this tea set is contrasted with a gold handle.

This graceful porcelain tea set features 2 cups — the “U” cup(貴方)and the “I”(私)cup. This showcases Fujimaki Seitou’s belief that with this vessel, two people can come together to share the joyful experience of drinking tea.

Perfect for a cosy tea session. Available in both Shinogi White and Pale Blue.

  • Area: Arita , Saga Prefecture
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Size: Teapot W120 x D90 x H110mm (Excluding lid & handle), Cup φ50 x H90mm
  • Capacity: Teapot 430ml, “U” cup 125ml, “I” cup 110ml
  • This product comes with its original box.

Manufacturer: Fujimaki Seitou

Manufacturer of Arita ware. This company has an original glazing technique that is realized through the development of a distinct, pale blue glaze. They cultivate a deep particularity to the shapes of products that specifically accentuate the beauty of this glazing technique. Until now, they continue to pursue new ways of expression.

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Instructions for use

To use this product safely and comfortably, please follow the instructions below:

  • Wash before first use with water or warm water.
  • Do not use in oven or on open fire.
  • Clean the product with a non-abrasive, soft scouring pad.
  • For your own safety, do not use any item that is chipped or cracked.
  • As these are handmade products, each piece will look slightly different.

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