Our Story

Roots & Touch

Nestled in the quiet hilltop area of Duxton Hill, tucked along a cozy pedestrian street lined with straits-style shophouses, a serene and charming gallery sits in front of a heart-shaped tree.

HULS Gallery Singapore was founded in September 2017 as a global creative company with the mission to introduce the world to fine Japanese crafts known as "Kogei." Guided by the "Roots & Touch" concept, HULS aims to enrich the rich culture of this cosmopolitan city by sharing the unique beauty of fine Japanese craftsmanship. 

"Roots" represents the deep regional ties and heritage of crafts in Japan, while "Touch" embodies our philosophy in encouraging customers to not only admire the appearance of each item but also engage with its distinctive texture and tactile qualities.


Our Gallery

HULS Gallery is a unique craft gallery catering to professionals in the culinary and design industries, as well as the general public. Our gallery's interior design harmoniously blends modern elegance with a deep connection to nature, reflecting the best of Singapore and Japan, creating an ideal setting to present our modern yet traditional works.

Over the years, HULS has cultivated a strong rapport with a network of rising, innovative Japanese craft manufacturers and artists. We proudly present their creations at HULS Gallery and on KOGEI STANDARD, a bilingual online platform dedicated to Japanese crafts. Through this network, we offer comprehensive services to our valued customers.


Integrating Japanese crafts into modern living 

Japan is home to numerous traditional craft techniques and natural materials deeply rooted in its diverse regions, all of which find their expression in the form of Japanese craft, also known as "Kogei."

HULS Gallery features an extensive collection of over 100 Kogei items, including tea ware, sake ware, glassware, woodwork, and more, all of which are available for purchase. With the mission to introduce these exceptional crafts to the world, we take on the roles of concierges and storytellers of Kogei, giving gallery visitors a personal introduction to these pieces and the captivating stories behind them. We hope that each visit enriches your appreciation and enjoyment of these unique creations.

Visit us and enjoy the world of today’s Kogei.