Seashore Plate (Sanblasted)

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This seashore plate is the result of a collaboration between Singapore restaurant "terra" Tokyo Italian, owned by chef Seita Nakahara, and Arita Plus, a group of porcelain-makers from the Arita with over 400 years of history in Japan. Inspired by the beautiful blue ocean, this unique porcelain plate expresses the gentle waves and sea foams rushing ashore. Modern yet rooted in tradition, this plate was made by Riso Porcelain from Arita, Saga Prefecture. 

About Chef Seita Nakahara of "terra" Tokyo Italian

Chef-owner Seita Nakahara's deep respect for nature and the culinary legacies of Japan and Italy led him through his journey in creating dishes that are fearless. His highly attuned sensibility pushes the boundary, crafting each course that highlights the beautiful essence of each region's seasonal ingredient. His quiet yet intense passion and dedication are heartfelt and deeply memorable on every dish served at "terra" Tokyo Italian.

  • Area: Arita, Saga Prefecture
  • Material Porcelain
  • Size φ290×h10mm

    Arita ware

    Generic name of porcelain made mainly in Arita, Saga Prefecture. Arita is the first porcelain producing area in Japan. It is also called “Imari ware” as it was shipped from Imari port during the early days.

    Brand: Riso Porcelain

    Manufacturer of Arita ware founded in 1957. Based on the traditional method of “Ko-Imari”, they bring digital technology into their production. Their innovative works are attracting chefs from around the world.

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