Roasted Karigane Tea SHUN-MIN

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A relaxing and calming tea made using roasted Karigane tea with a savory aroma and sweet taste. Since it contains less caffeine, you can have a pleasant sleep even if you have it before going to bed.

  • Area: Tsukigase, Nara Prefecture
  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Weight: 45g

Brand: Tea Farm Inokura

A tea farm that has continued for eleven generations in Tsukigase, Nara. They are particular about soil cultivation using organic fertilizers, and pursue tea with a clear liquor color and rounded flavor. The taste is highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas. In 2010, they won the first prize in the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award at the National Tea Fair.

Storage Method

Seal and store in a cool and dark place away from high temperature and humidity. Drink as soon as possible after opening.

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