Ren - Wooden Mobile

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In recent times, the value of our personal, quiet time to refresh and rewind has never been more essential while keeping up with our busy schedules. To honor those pockets of moments where you can relax and take a calm, deep breath, we present to you KORAI's series of "senseware", specially designed to heighten your senses and bring mindfulness to your daily lives.

“Ren” is a wooden mobile produced by KORAI, and is part of the brand's "senseware" series. It is made by using a traditional technique of assembling wooden strips without the use of nails to form various designs and patterns. “Ren” is an art piece that reflects the ripple on the surface of the water and light filtering through the trees by incorporating elements of original Japanese fittings such as shoji (room divider screens made of translucent paper and wooden lattice frames) and fusuma (sliding panels that redefine spaces within a room). By placing the wooden art piece indoors, one can sense the beautiful light filtering through between the carefully assembled wooden bars, and enjoy the beautiful shades of nature inside the house.

  • Brand: KORAI
  • Designed by: Shizuka Tatsuno
  • Made by: Kuroda Kobo
  • Material: Japanese Cypress (body) / Stainless Steel (wire)
  • Size: L345 x W68 x H380mm
  • This product comes with its original box.
  • Only available in Singapore.


    Brand: KORAI

    KORAI is a brand of Japanese craft which is dedicated to cities around the world. It is produced by HULS. This brand is aimed at conveying through craft products across Japan, the beautiful form and texture of these crafts and to express the harmony such as between “inside and outside” or “nature and home” which prevails in the Japanese culture.

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    Manufacturer: Kuroda Kobo

    A "kumiko" (a form of Japanese muntin technique) studio manufacturing the frame foundation of traditional Japanese sliding door panels in Kyoto, Shiga Prefecture. While continuing their traditional work in restoring national cultural properties, they strive to create new 3D artistic expressions using kumiko.

    More Story:
    Japanese Crafts Online Media: KOGEI STANDARD

    Instructions for use

    To use this product safely and comfortably, please follow the instructions below:

    • This product is designed to be a delicate structure. Please handle it very carefully.
    • Attach to the ceiling only.
    • Do not use the product in windy places or outdoors.
    • Dropping from a height may cause injury to people or damage to the product. Make sure to install it securely in a safe place.
    • To prevent possible entanglement injury, mount it out of reach of children.
    • Check to ensure that there are no problems with the wire such as deterioration before installation.
    • Avoid sudden drying due to the wind from air conditioning and direct sunlight. It may cause warpage and crack.
    • Store it in a well-ventilated place with less humidity away from direct sunlight.
    • The product’s surface will gradually change to an amber color. This change is due to the nature of the material.
    • As these are handmade products made of a natural material, each piece will look slightly different.

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