KASANE Bamboo Basket

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This basket functions as a lid or a stand for the large plate. Made of high-quality Japanese madake bamboo grown in Kyoto, the cleanliness of the material and the shadows cast by the delicately woven pattern of bamboo bring a fresh breeze to your table.

  • Brand: KORAI
  • Designed by: Shizuka Tatsuno
  • Made by: Takemata Nakagawa Takezaiten (Kyoto Prefecture)
  • Material: Japanese Madake Bamboo
  • Size: φ258 x H120mm
  • This product comes with its original box.

Brand: KORAI

KORAI is a brand of Japanese craft which is dedicated to cities around the world. It is produced by HULS. This brand is aimed at conveying through craft products across Japan, the beautiful form and texture of these crafts and to express the harmony such as between “inside and outside” or “nature and home” which prevails in the Japanese culture.

Official Website: https://koraikogei.com/


Manufacturer: Takemata

Takemata Nakagawa Takezaiten is a supplier of bamboo founded in 1688. They offer various services related to bamboo materials, from primary processing of “Kyo-meichiku” (Kyoto bamboo), which is used for buildings in Kyoto or crafts such as Japanese tea ceremony utensils, to construction of bamboo fences in Japanese garden and temples. The company is able to handle all the processes for these works in-house and produces bamboo ware that is suitable for a contemporary lifestyle.

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Instructions for use

To use this product safely and comfortably, please follow the instructions below:

  • Do not use the product other than intended purposes. Use it only as a lid or stand of a plate.
  • Do not apply excessive force such as weight or pressure. As this product is designed to be a delicate structure, it may cause it to break.
  • Do not use the product in places subject to water to keep out mold. In case of getting wet, please dry it completely in a well-ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Store it in a well-ventilated place with less humidity away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid keep the product in non-porous materials such as plastic bag as it leads to mold growth.
  • The product’s surface will gradually change to amber colour. This change is due to the nature of the material.
  • As these are handmade products made of a natural material, each piece will look slightly different.

For more inquiries, please email: info@huls.com.sg