Hiiro Water Carafe (Gray)

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This Bizen ware carafe has a natural clay texture and a unique pattern achieved by wrapping rice straws around the surface. There is an old Japanese saying “Water never spoils in Bizen ware”, which probably comes from the fact that the clay has high mineral content that helps to purify water and enhances the taste. Available in two colors, red and gray, each carafe comes with a nicely fitted lid that doubles as a cup which is similar to Hitoe Cup.

*Please note that each carafe has a unique surface pattern and color that might be different from the product photo due to favorable changes during the firing process.

  • Area: Bizen, Okayama Prefecture
  • Brand: DAIKURA
  • Designed by: Shizuka Tatsuno
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Size: φ65 x H225mm
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • This product comes with its original box.

Manufacturer: Daikura

Manufacturer of Bizen ware which has faithfully kept to the traditional techniques and continues to create products with the natural expression of soil and fire. 

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Bizen ware

Stoneware made mainly in Imbe area in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture. One of the six ancient kilns in Japan. Characterized by high temperature firing without using glazes and various expressions brought about by transformation.


A pattern of Bizen ware features reddish lines across the pale brown base which resembles cord bands. In order to make this pattern, the pottery base is covered with straw before firing. And the covered parts react with the component in the clay and produce its reddish color.

Instructions for use

To use this product safely and comfortably, please follow the instructions below:

  • This product has unique texture and colors on the surface by coating. Be careful to avoid contact with hard objects or adhesive material such as tape and glue as it may cause dents, scrapes, chips or discolorations.
  • Due to the characteristics of the product, it may have changes in color when it comes in contact with acidic substances or salts. Please wipe off any stains with a soft cloth.
  • It is sensitive to heat, thus it may be damaged by a sudden change of temperature.
  • Do not use with boiling water or place over an open flame.
  • Gently hand wash and keep the product dry.
  • Be careful not to drop it.
  • As these are handmade products, each piece will look slightly different.

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