Art Cabinet / Truffle Beech

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The modern interpretation

A contemporary Echizen chest that combines the traditional Japanese joinery technique “sashimono” with the charm of rare wood from all over the world. Echizen chest has been carefully made and used as a wedding tool and heirloom since the late Edo period. The 4th generation of tansu craftsman, Norikazu Oyanagi is a firm believer in making objects that weave family memories and bonds. His creation portrays a compelling contrast between the exquisite luster of wood and the clean-looking iron metal fittings. Appearing almost like a single block of wood with a continuous grain pattern, it is a functional art cabinet that compliments your modern living.

  • Area: Echizen, Fukui Prefecture
  • Brand: OYANAGI
  • Material: Paulownia wood finished with Truffle Beech wood veneer
  • Size: L380 x W300 x H132mm
  • Note: This product does not come with its own box.
  • Only available in Singapore.

Brand: Oyanagi

Oyanagi is the brand for a series of cabinet products born out of the collaboration between the product designer Keita Suzuki and Oyanagi Tansu.


A technique of woodworking to make boxes or furniture by assembling wood boards without using nails. Products made by using this technique include racks and chests.

Instructions for use

To use this product safely and comfortably, please follow the instructions below:

  • Do not use the product in places subject to water to keep out mold. In case of getting wet, please wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Store it in a well-ventilated place with less humidity away from direct sunlight.
  • To remove oily spots or fingerprints, wipe with a soft cloth.
  • As these are handmade products made of a natural material, each piece will look slightly different.

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