Single Wine Cooler SHOU (Plain)

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An elegantly formed single wine cooler made of Sawara wood, featuring a sleek, stainless steel hoop. Made in Nagano Prefecture, an area famous for this beautiful, aromatic wood. The region is also renowned for its carpentry tradition. This wine cooler results in less condensation and is smooth to touch. A winner of 2014's Good Design Award. Designed by Yoshikaz Kawakami.

  • Area: Kiso, Nagano Prefecture
  • Material: Sawara Cypress
  • Size: L240 x W155 x H180 mm
  • This product comes with its original box.

Designer: Yoshikaz Kawakami

Mr. Kawakami is a product designer who focuses a lot on the regional crafts of Nagano Prefecture, his hometown. He tries to create fresh designs that can offer the feeling of the “present moment”, with cooperation from ateliers, craftspeople, and Japanese traditional arts and crafts artists.

Instructions for use

To use this product safely and comfortably, please follow the instructions below:

  • Wash before first use with water or warm water.
  • Do not use in dishwasher or microwave.
  • Do not use in oven or on open fire.
  • Clean the product with a non-abrasive, soft scouring pad.
  • For your safety, do not use any item that is chipped or cracked.
  • As these are handmade products, each piece will look slightly different.
  • Never soak in water for a long time. After using, wash as soon as possible and wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Never leave under direct sunlight directly or in high humidity, this is to avoid the risk of transformation, discoloration and mold.
  • Never use scrubbing brushes, scouring powders, or dishwashing machines.
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